Medi-ID is an Online QR Code Smart Tag that can save the wearer’s life!

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Keep your family Safe with Medi-ID Solutions

Medical Id – Why you should have one?

Available anywhere anytime

Our platform provides an extensive medical profile of individuals/pets accessible anytime, anywhere stored with the help of a personalized medical bracelet. The medical ID stays with you throughout and can be accessed when needed. The information is handy, readily available over a scan and can save time and precious lives in cases of emergencies as the medical staffs get timely information.


A doctor may not be of much help if a patient can’t communicate clearly. Medi-ID medical id stores all of your medical information in one place for a quick and easy reference so the medical authorities can take appropriate action. The tags help your location data reach family members so they are aware where you are and information on medical conditions is accessible by medicos treating you.

Reunite Families

When in an emergency, every second counts. While no one would want to be left in an medical emergency all by yourself, there are times when this may happen. The concept of Medi-ID Tag includes use of medical alert bracelets and tags that help the family members get notifications of your whereabouts and medical personnel or first responders get vital medical information so they may use it to help treat you.

MEDI-ID Subscription Service

When you purchase any MEDI-ID People or PET tag it comes with first 12 month subscription included, so all you need to do is download the APP and register your details and those on the tag.

The subscription starts in 2nd year and is a mere $36.00 per year or 10 cents per day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: With MEDI-ID subscription you only pay for usage of the APP and NOT per tag

What this means is once you have the registered APP you can add tags from Mum, Dad, kids and Pets and only pay the one annual subscription fee for all tags. This is a great cost saving for families and pets.

How Medi-ID alert works?

Medi-ID Tags work in the physical form of medical alert bracelets, pendants or tags worn by humans and pets, and are a handy way to store, and instantly access your medical data. Your profile may be accessed at any given time by scanning the QR code on Medi-ID Products be it a medical wristband, ID bracelets or a pet id tag especially in case of emergency.