How Well are you prepared for a medical emergency at your workplace or school?

Medi-ID is the easiest way to access, store, and manage your health information. Convert your corporate and school identity cards into a Medi-ID product.

Compatible with all card types

Medi-ID Tag is compatible with all card types such as

• 100% PVC ID Cards
• Composite ID Cards
• Proximity ID cards
• Magnetic Stripe Cards
• School ID Cards
• Over Laminated Cards
• Bio Degradable Cards

Seamless Integration

Medi-ID can be integrated with your HR or School Administration Systems. Users having the ability to choose which emergency information they want to make public.

Implement Medi-ID for your entire staff and enjoy Peace of Mind

MEDI-ID Subscription Service

When you purchase any MEDI-ID People or PET tag it comes with first 12 month subscription included, so all you need to do is download the APP and register your details and those on the tag.

The subscription starts in 2nd year and is a mere $36.00 per year or 10 cents per day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: With MEDI-ID subscription you only pay for usage of the APP and NOT per tag

What this means is once you have the registered APP you can add tags from Mum, Dad, kids and Pets and only pay the one annual subscription fee for all tags. This is a great cost saving for families and pets.