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  • Personalized Medical ID pendants and bracelets

  • Your Vitals Anytime, Anywhere Instantly with a QR Code Scan

MEDI-ID is two products in one

  • Humans: MY MEDI-ID

  • Pets: PET MEDI-ID

  • The MEDI-ID database is hosted in Australia and complies with the requirements of the AU Privacy Act.!
  • MEDI-ID features emergency & medical info including: Photo, vitals + medical conditions, personal details, emergency contacts, allergies, medications, doctors contact details & MORE!
  • MEDI-ID is the easiest way to Store access, and manage your health and emergency information. Your profile can be accessed anytime, anywhere in the world, from your MEDI-ID products, such as bracelets, necklaces, key tags, sticker kits.
  • MEDI-ID info can be accessed instantly by simply scanning the QR code.
  • MEDI-ID tags are a powerful emergency Medical ID record.

Suitable for


• Home Care Agencies
• Aged Care Facilities
• Hospitals
• Medical Centres
• Schools
• Scouts
• Guides
• Associations
• Corporate
• Mines


• Vets
• Pet Shops
• Pet Hotels
• Pet Insurance
• Pet Medical Companies
• Pet Food Companies
• Rescue Pounds
• Dog Clubs
• Cat Clubs
• Livestock

How MEDI-ID works?

MEDI-ID works in physical forms of medical alert bracelets, pendants or tags worn by humans and pets, and are a handy way to store, and access your medical data. Your profile may be accessed at any given time by scanning the QR code on MEDI-ID Products be it a medical wristband, ID bracelets or a pet ID tag.

Frontline responders may need to make critical decisions about how to treat you. If you’re incapacitated you may not be able to tell emergency services what they need to know.

  • Emergency ID QR Codes provide immediate access to all your key medical information when it’s needed most.

  • Quickly manage your ID Profiles. Also, turn your iPhone into a life-saving tool in an emergency. The ID app embeds your emergency information into a custom QR code image for your phone’s lock screen wallpaper.

  • The QR code can be scanned by first responders to view your online profile.

  • The custom QR code can be overlaid over any photo and set as the wallpaper on your phone’s lock screen.

  • Store emergency info, contacts, vitals, allergies, medications, blood type, organ donor, and more.

  • The APP also syncs with your MEDI-ID bracelet, sticker, or other MEDI-ID products to provide emergency info when you don’t have your phone with you.

Store unlimited information.

You have more to say than just a couple of engraved lines. And your health isn’t set in stone either. With Medi-ID you can manage your entire medical profile and quickly update it at any time.

Medi-ID Subscription.

Medi-ID Product QR Code, ID/PIN is valid for a period of one year from the date of first linking it to a profile. After the one-year free access is over, the end user can purchase an annual subscription to extend the product validity by 1 year.

The annual subscription costs will be a nominal fee of $36 payable yearly in advance. That is less than $0.10 cents per day.

2 access points to preview your profile.

Every Medi-ID Tag Product comes with 2 access points making it fast and easy for First Responders to access your profile.

Link multiple Medi-ID Products to your profile.

There is no limit. Feel free to link 10 bracelets, 5 sticker kits, and a wallet card all to one profile. Once you make an update to that profile, all your linked products are updated instantaneously.

One account, many profiles.

Medi-ID makes it easy to manage multiple profiles under a
single account—perfect for families and caregivers.

MEDI-ID Subscription Service

When you purchase any MEDI-ID People or PET tag it comes with first 12 month subscription included, so all you need to do is download the APP and register your details and those on the tag.

The subscription starts in 2nd year and is a mere $36.00 per year or 10 cents per day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: With MEDI-ID subscription you only pay for usage of the APP and NOT per tag

What this means is once you have the registered APP you can add tags from Mum, Dad, kids and Pets and only pay the one annual subscription fee for all tags. This is a great cost saving for families and pets.